Everything you need to design, implement, and operating the high grade information security ecosystem.

XecureIT invented XecureZone Digital Fortress Ecosystem Platform to help simplify complex issues of designing, implementing, and operating the high grade information security ecosystem. It is an end-to-end digital fortress ecosystem platform solution, that was designed and built based on SAKTTI Architecture.


XecureZone is invented by XecureIT (PT IMAN Teknologi Informasi), a company providing services and solutions for cyber defense and information security in Indonesia.

Standar Arsitektur Keamanan Tingkat Tinggi Informasi


Xecure World Digital Ecosystem is the ultimate solution of digital transformation ecosystem platform that provides unlimited business opportunities. Xecure World Digital Ecosystem utilizes 3 core technology ecosystem platforms.

Xecure Digital Certificate Ecosystem Platform

XecureZone Digital Fortress Ecosystem Platform

Xecure Data Exchange Ecosystem Platform

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Our products are the finest results of the Company’s innovative and persistence research. They also have received the Domestic Component Level (TKDN – Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri) certification above 97%, certified by the Ministry of Industry, and can be found on the “List of Domestic Production Goods/Services Inventory” of the Ministry of Industry Indonesia (Kemenperin RI).”

Xecure SOC Virtual Appliance

Xecure Web & Application Security

Xecure Collaboration

Xecure Availability Monitoring

Xecure Cyber Security Operation

Xecure Backup Server

Xecure Military

Xecure Automated Malware Sandboxing


Xecure Log Management/SIEM

Xecure Mobile SOC

Xecure Threat Intelligence